For more than 15 years at Arctic Yeti we have organized events, celebrations, meetings, incentive trips and more in all the Nordic countries. We are a company with years of experience and leadership of a wide variety of events such as corporate and sporting events, business trips, corporate parties…

Our specialists make these big celebrations very easy. They adapt them to the country, the culture, the experience and the excursions so that while you celebrate your anniversary or the promotion of your employees in the company you can keep in touch with the country and enjoy a cultural immersion.

For example, can you imagine celebrating the end of the year by bathing in a frozen lake or in a hot spring pool? What if you celebrate the million customers in a hotel in the middle of the mountain with northern lights in the sky?

We have a network of professionals in close collaboration with highly qualified local suppliers and organizers to offer you an unforgettable event.

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Business trips
Corporate parties

We invite you to discover the distinction and charm of the Nordic countries with Arctic Yeti. Allow your next event to be an experience of excellence. Please contact us for further details.