Faroe Islands

We know the Faroe Islands better than a Viking!

Experiences, adventure and team

The Faroe Islands are a unique place in the world and deserve to be known in an unconventional way. At Arctic Yeti we are committed to adventure and immersion in our trips, we flee from excursions and make new proposals based on sustainability. Since 2008 we offer personalized services so that each traveler has a different experience and a unique memory.

Expert Guidance

We have over 15 years of experience touring the Faroe Islands. We know all the most beautiful cliffs and meadows.

Year-Round Adventures

We offer adventures throughout the year, adapted to the climate and geography of the Faroe Islands. We adapt so that each excursion is different.

Cultural Immersion

The Faroe Islands are our second home, so we can give you an experience from the inside. We do not offer trips for tourists!

Personalized Experiences

We are used to traveling with large and small groups, the elderly, children… Nothing stops us. We personalize each adventure.

We are a big family, we have been united by a passion for adventure and travel. In our corporate philosophy you are one more member and we want to inform you about all the activities, accommodation, flights and dates that we have available. We offer personalized attention from the first minute for companies or travel agencies that want to hire our services. And for greater agility we have offices in Spain, Italy, Iceland and Germany.

Faroe Islands lovers

We know the Faroe Islands like the back of our hand and that is why we can propose unique excursions and exclusive accommodation. Our maximum interest is that travelers discover the authentic Faroe Islands and not the ones they can see in magazines or social networks; We offer complete immersion and experiences surrounded by the best company and specialized guides. Highlights of our trips include: the hidden Faroese villages, contact with gannets and puffins, trekking over extensive cliffs, the only forest in the Faroe Islands, boat excursions, visits to Viking settlements and much more.


Embark on an adventure to the Faroe Islands, a hidden gem of the North Atlantic.


Trust: Arctic Yeti is an agency known for its transparency and reliability, guaranteeing authentic and safe experiences on every trip.

Local Knowledge: With deep knowledge of the destinations, Arctic Yeti offers unique itineraries that reveal the true essence of each place.

Sustainable Commitment: Arctic Yeti strives to offer responsible trips, respecting the environment and supporting local communities.