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Travel agency specialized in Finland

Walking through extensive birch forests, seeing the northern lights, and sleeping in cabins in the middle of the snow, ice fishing, having contact with the Sami culture… Thousands of clients have returned from their vacations feeling like true explorers on their trip to Finland. If you want to offer in your company or tourism agency an immersive experience in this country, we will be happy to show you all our accommodation services, excursions, flights and more.

Expert Guidance

Our guides have been touring Finland for over 15 years and can provide travelers with unique adventures and specialist knowledge.

Year-Round Adventures

In Finland it is possible to enjoy all year round. We plan trips keeping in mind the season and the weather.

Cultural Immersion

Our trips help to see Finland with new eyes. For this reason, other agencies and companies choose us to offer to their clients an immersive trip.

Personalized Experiences

We adapt to all travelers. Our experiences are suitable for people of all ages, groups, families and more.

We have flight, accommodation and excursion packages that can be customized for each traveler and group. From doing snowmobile races and then relaxing in the Finnish sauna, to touring Lake Inari and the coniferous forests to end the day in a cabin under the northern lights trying the typical gastronomy

Our team of highly trained guides will accompany travelers every step of the way, offering a safe and unique experience. We have trips to Finland that are very relaxing, but also dynamic, and many in which the traveler himself will give his best. We don’t offer anything we haven’t tried before! This is why many consider us an adventure agency.

Finland: the country we want to recommend to you

15 years ago we chose Finland as one of our star destinations and now that we have covered it completely, we want to share its secret places and trails only suitable for Samis. If as a travel agency you want to surprise your clients and offer group or individual experiences, we can help you. Some of our most outstanding services are: accommodation in cabins, hiking through coniferous forests, snowmobiling and skiing, entering the Christmas cave, observing the northern lights, searching for reindeer and other wild animals, meeting with Santa Claus, ice fishing, visit Helsinki and much more.


Immerse yourself in Finland’s serenity and discover its forests, lakes, and northern lights.


Trust: Arctic Yeti is an agency known for its transparency and reliability, guaranteeing authentic and safe experiences on every trip.

Local Knowledge: With deep knowledge of the destinations, Arctic Yeti offers unique itineraries that reveal the true essence of each place.

Sustainable Commitment: Arctic Yeti strives to offer responsible trips, respecting the environment and supporting local communities.