Discover Greenland with us!

Images, adventure and unforgettable moments

Since we were born in 2008, our top priority has been to find unique trips and destinations, far removed from conventional tourist packs. At Arctic Yeti we offer personalized trips from accommodation, to excursions, days of stay and more. In this way, each person will feel that they have known a unique part of Greenland. Its fjords and glaciers are different for each traveler.

Expert Guidance

All excursions have our personal seal. Our guides offer sustainable and immersive adventures.

Year-Round Adventures

In each season, a different adventure. Our excursions and stays are adapted to the climate and the peculiar geography of Greenland.

Cultural Immersion

“It is not about going far, but about seeing with new eyes”. This is the focus of all our trips; get away from the typical photographs and live like locals.

Personalized Experiences

Dog sledding, ice fishing, trekking between glaciers, huge waterfalls, ancient Viking stories… Each trip, a different vision.

At Arctic Yeti we are one big family and each one of us is an essential cog in making this ship work. To get here we have needed intrepid guides with great knowledge of the Greenlandic terrain, we have wanted to know each and every accommodation, from luxury hotels to places to sleep in tents, and we have reached out to the locals to know their culinary customs and their language. And of course, we have listened to all the advice of our travelers in order to offer you truly unique trips.

Greenland: adventure scent

Before choosing Greenland as one of our favorite destinations, we spent years immersed in its culture and nature. The result has been unforgettable trips and lifelong friends. If you want to create a unique moment, these are some of our proposals: navigate among floating icebergs, follow in the footsteps of the Vikings, visit typical villages and towns, step on the famous ice cap of the island, trekking in the south, get to know life traditional Inuit, hiking between fjords…


Explore Greenland and marvel at its vast ice and ancestral culture.


Trust: Arctic Yeti is an agency known for its transparency and reliability, guaranteeing authentic and safe experiences on every trip.

Local Knowledge: With deep knowledge of the destinations, Arctic Yeti offers unique itineraries that reveal the true essence of each place.

Sustainable Commitment: Arctic Yeti strives to offer responsible trips, respecting the environment and supporting local communities.