Northern Lights Private Tour


October to March


3 - 4 hours

Minimum age

There is no minimum

Difficulty level


Northern Lights Private Tour

This private tour offers a fully immersive and personal experience of the mesmerizing Northern Lights. It is an excursion with access to the best places and moments to see how these lights sway in space. A show not to be missed!


  • Northern Lights Experience
  • study of the stars
  • Photographs of the Northern Lights






Diamond Beach


We have prepared a tour for you with the true specialists of the aurora borealis. They never give up and always manage to arrive at the right place at the right time and time. That is why with this excursion the northern lights are guaranteed.

The adventure will begin when we pick you up and set out in search of the northern lights, far from the cities. We will use all our knowledge and information about the weather and other elements to move quickly through the vast nature of Iceland.

Therefore, it is still difficult to know which places we will travel to or where we will stop for a longer time. We cannot create a tour before the appointed day.

What we can guarantee is that we will visit spaces that are not very busy and far from tourism. The northern lights that we see will be a unique experience for you and your family or friends.

In addition, during the tour our guides will inform you about everything you need to know about the northern lights. For example, how they are formed, what they are made of… and all the legends and Nordic folklore that exist around these strange visitors from the skies.

And to make the wait more enjoyable, we can have some hot food and drinks. The Northern Lights have arrived! It’s time to take pictures. Our guides know the best tricks to capture them in great detail and take the best photos.

Finally, after the Northern Lights hunt, we will escort you back to the pick-up point.

What does the private tour to Jökulsárlón include?

In this tour to Jökulsarlón we include:

Local expert guide in Spanish and English
Private transfer
Guided tourist tour
Free 4G Wi-Fi

Frequently Asked Questions about the Northern Lights

We answer the main questions:

From October to March it is very likely to spot the Northern Lights at night. The months of greatest intensity are from November to January, although it is advisable to choose a day without fog or snow.

On this excursion you must wear warm clothing and thermal clothing underneath. In addition, you can take more coat in the backpack in case the temperatures continue to drop. However, this will only be a few moments, as we will spend time inside the transport moving around. That is why it is important that you wear layers of clothing.

Yes, it is an excursion totally suitable to do with children and highly recommended. It will also be a unique experience for them. We recommend that you bring games, mobile phones or music to make the wait more enjoyable.


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Northern Lights Private Tour

This private tour offers a fully immersive and personal experience of the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

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