At Arctic Yeti we take care of planning a perfect trip and incentive program. We know how important are team trips, motivation and employees who help the company grow. And we are sure that the Nordic countries can be the perfect place to celebrate the goals achieved.

A trip is much more than any other motivation tool, it is a way to reward, but also to unite and ensure that the company continues to grow.

But why the Nordic countries? Because they are the perfect mix between relaxation and adventure. When we travel we need to disconnect through new images, pleasures like a new meal or a discovery. But this is not enough to create a strong team spirit. In the Nordic countries your employees will have to put themselves to the test on many excursions and learn to overcome them together. The Nordic countries are an opportunity to discover yourself and grow as a person. For this reason, it is the ideal destination for companies that love challenges.

Our team of specialists will create a unique experience for the group. They will listen to your needs and schedule an adapted trip that will provide you with everything you need, including the smallest detail. Then, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our guides, travelers will enjoy an unforgettable adventure.


Lands of fire and ice, wild nature at every corner.


Majestic fjords, northern lights, tradition and modernity in harmony.


Vast icy expanse, Inuit culture, a world apart in the Arctic.

Faroe Island

Hidden islands, green landscapes, a Nordic paradise to discover.


Dense forests, serene lakes, cradle of the magical aurora borealis