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We are a big family with a passion for traveling to Scandinavia and the Arctic, and Norway is one of our favorite destinations. For this reason, we flee from the typical photographs and accommodations and look for those experiences that are out of the ordinary; At Arctic Yeti we enjoy adventure and offer it in the form of accommodation, excursions, experienced guides, culture, immersive sensations and more.

Expert Guidance

Those who seek to know Norway in full must be accompanied by our guides, true specialists in the field.

Year-Round Adventures

Thanks to the fact that we have trips throughout the year, travelers will be able to find itineraries more adapted to their desires.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion is what we aim for, offering unique accommodations and excursions away from tourism and typical photographs.

Personalized Experiences

Families, business trips, couples with children… Everyone will be able to enjoy a wide variety of personalized plans.

Our agency is distinguished by its professionalism and commitment. We take care of everything from the selection of services to the coordination of itineraries. In addition, we design tailor-made programs that adapt to specific requirements, thus guaranteeing a unique and personalized experience. We are looking forward to partnering with you and helping you provide an unrivaled experience in the Nordic countries. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in this exciting region, providing you with quality services and unmatched support every step of the way.

Norway: another way to travel

Among our services, the exciting excursions that will allow your clients to discover the natural beauty of Norway stand out. We can start with exciting treks on the Norwegian fjords and continue with expeditions to enjoy the lights of the northern lights and end with an osprey safari. In addition, we offer a careful selection of accommodations such as cozy boutique hotels in cosmopolitan cities or quaint cabins amid snowy landscapes. Regarding flights, we have strategic agreements with airlines that offer regular and precise connections between Norway and other international destinations. Norway has magic and we show it in every adventure. If you are looking for an agency with experience, passion for Norway and immersive travel, you have found it.


Discover Norway, land of majestic fjords and nights lit by the northern lights.

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Trust: Arctic Yeti is an agency known for its transparency and reliability, guaranteeing authentic and safe experiences on every trip.

Local Knowledge: With deep knowledge of the destinations, Arctic Yeti offers unique itineraries that reveal the true essence of each place.

Sustainable Commitment: Arctic Yeti strives to offer responsible trips, respecting the environment and supporting local communities.