Private groups

Private groups

Welcome to our private and exclusive tours! We specialize in creating personalized and tailored experiences for families, friends, co-workers, solo travelers and more.

We have tailor-made private tours. Thanks to our services it is possible to choose the type of private vehicle, flights, accommodation and different types of itineraries. It will also be possible to choose optional adventures that are proposed in the different trips such as snowmobiling or whale watching.

Likewise, in private and personalized groups, travelers have a guide that will be the route map to discover the most outstanding enclaves of the country or the area of their trip. He or she will spice up the visit with information about the place, fun facts, legends and more.

Our priority is to offer a unique and unforgettable service completely adapted. We seek sustainability in our trips, guarantee comfort, but also the adventure of the traveler and of course, personal assistance thanks to our guides.

How to start a trip for private groups?

We only have to know the requirements of the trip, the excursions to be carried out, days for the flights, preferences in the means of transport, particularities of the travelers such as age and state of health, etc. With this data we can propose different travel options and itineraries, or make simple recommendations based on our knowledge of geography, climate, accommodation, etc.

Our goal is that the group of travelers can choose every aspect of their trip to the Nordic countries and enjoy a dream vacation.

Thanks to our tours for private groups, travelers will be able to enjoy nature with greater freedom. Although we will offer the best itineraries and advice, the final route is chosen by the traveler.